Yeah, Life Happens.


Photo Credit to Kimberly Packard- Entitled “Letting Go”

When I was fifteen my mother left towards the skies,
her last breath before my eyes left me weak and compromised;
in a hiatus of emotion,
I was left to analyze
often crying out “Oh why,
do the good ones have to die?”
Angered when the response was silence,
resulting in violence,
drawing lines against the veins on my wrists;
the blood sparkling like diamonds.
It was mindless,
but it was the only control that I had
on the pain that I was suffering,
I had already lost my dad.
Steadily scribbling in my notepad only occupied me for moments;
interruptions from the others who would grant me their condolence.
It was like the time was frozen and I just couldn’t understand
that everything that I had planned had just halted to an end.
After some time to comprehend the bumps life had to offer,
the bruises and the scrapes collected,
I started to stand taller.
All the wounds were getting smaller,
And I could happily say that I had moved on and moved up
I was finally okay;
Yeah, life happens.


4 thoughts on “Yeah, Life Happens.

  1. If this is autobiographical, my heart goes to you. I do admire your bravery in accepting the brevity of human life… you wonder why I like your work? because I can feel it… it’s beautiful…

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  2. You are a brave and wonderful soul, Crystal. When I read this post at first, I didn’t see myself to be wise enough to admire your strength. But after reading it again, I have to admit that you are an inspiration to so many out there. I completely agree with you that there are some terrible things that happen in life, but learning to stand tall again, smiling, is something that must be done. Always keep smiling 🙂

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