Gone Rogue

So we meet again,
Stealing the only hours and seconds I’ve deemed as mine,
Committing the highest crime,
Stuck within a killer’s mind,

While I’m holding the trigger,
These shots leaves victims cold,
making them start to shiver,
So deadly I start to quiver,
Sending Death in to deliver,

I can’t remember if this was intentional or pure,
Questionable or sure,
But I can’t even ignore, the gore
It’s too vile, it’s not me
Not my mind or body,
Can’t escape,
I’m trying
to get out, I’m dying
And yet

I hear the ticktock of the clock
See the glock and its cocked
But I can’t seem to stop
No control, still stuck inside the shock

Finagling the trust, I make my way through the spine
Tricking the owner of this mind to release me one more time
I’ve escaped, I’m set free,
And I cry thankfully,
I turn back just to see,
That I’m staring at me


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