You Must Understand

Hey, don’t worry,
I’m doing just fine,
I know you’ve been concerned, but it was really just my time,
I appreciate your effort, it means a lot to me,
You tried to do things right so that I could live comfortably,
But I need you to understand that this wasn’t your fault,
That the universe has a way of bringing plans right to a halt,
And I get your heavy frustrations,
The anger that you carry,
You can’t find motivation to admit you had to bury
Spiritually, its hard
You’ll get through this though, you’re tough
Don’t let this leave you scarred,
And when you look up at the stars,
Imagine its my eyes,
Reminding you that this was just a blessing in disguise,
Yes, I’m sure we’ll meet again,
And when we do you’ll see,
These things happen for a reason,
And that this was meant to be,
If there could be one favor that I could ask you to do,
Its to give yourself a hug from me and know that I love you


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