A Terrifying Exciting Journey

There is nothing else quite like it
The journey starts with sickness
Who ever knew sickness could be so terrifyingly exciting?
Subconsciously enjoying every moment stooped over the porcelain god
Outpouring every consumed object, leaving nothing but your soul
Body aches so painfully beautiful, that you find yourself surprised that in just a few years, you’ll crave to do this again
You’ve seen it on others, but it’s different to experience
Sleepless nights and exhausting days
Still having to face all the normal responsibilities
The list of things to do seems endless
But for you, it feels worth it
Worth every moment that you cry quite literally over spilled milk
Or place your car keys in the freezer and the ice cubes in your purse
Worth every struggle to find something that fits
And those awfully frequent visits to those awkward waiting rooms
Filled with others who look temporarily very similar to you
And that final moment when the pain is so intense
So unreal that it actually¬†feels as if you’re being torn from the inside out
And those five seconds after when you see what it was all about
When you see what was worth it
Pregnancy is an amazing, terrifyingly exciting journey


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