Imaginary Friend

The clouds in your eyes gave way. It was much too late to stop the tears from pouring. The world around you was flooding, but you would be okay. You have to be okay.
Winter was sharp; the cold stabbed at the moisture that ran down your cheeks. Your thoughts weren’t where they should have been. Just standing near you, I could hear your sins- in your voice, in your gaze, and in your smile.
Sometimes the agony of missing someone you can never have is death in itself; the bittersweet release of your last breath harmonizing with the freeing of each others arms. Those who are gone are always easier to miss.
The world weighs tons; the heaviest of the heavy. I don’t know why, but you carry it on your shoulders, eager to spare it of doing so alone. You don’t know, you’ve no idea that when you carry that load, I do too. Your shoulders get tender and red, sensitive to a gust of wind. My heart grows solid, weighing down my soul to the very core of the ground forcing it into the shadows.
No pieces are too broken to be fixed. No hurt is too painful to mend. Just the right person at just the right time saying and doing just the right things will make all the difference.
You felt like you had to do it all on your own, but you didn’t acknowledge it. You thought no one understood you, but you didn’t allow anyone to. You pushed everyone away because you thought they only made things worse, but you should have stopped pushing. You have to stop pushing.
I watched you make yourself into something you hate. I watched you lock your fingers into one another, pretending it to be someone else’s hand.

You stood there, those clouds in your eyes still erupting. I reached for your hand.
You pulled away.


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