Heart of Night

It was completely dark. With each step, her feet met with the cold, wet gravel. There was a small breeze, but barely that. The moon was ripe; every inch of its nudity visible to the naked eye. As she made her way across the alley, the night began to lighten. No one else was around and hadn’t been for days. An old silver candy wrapper rested near a crumpled soda can that lay against the damp curb. No rain today, though. Perfect.
She passed an old antique shop. The two front windows were completely boarded; the wood, rotted. The door, however, looked to be kicked in, revealing an utter mess within. Broken glass, gold-plated bowls, and tattered books were strewn about. She paid no mind to it. The wind tried to blow, catching a few strands of her short red locks. She was nearing the pier.
The sound of the waves crashing against wood and rocks heightened with each step. She could smell the salted liquid covering the millenniums of sand on the ocean floor. The moon grew brighter. Ocean. Miles and miles of ocean lay amidst her. She made her way towards the ancient wooden structure. The steps creaked as she climbed them, sauntering towards the edge of night. The wind now wrapped around her, teasing at the jaggedly torn lavender fabric that hugged her waist. It was the moment of no return. Her endless anxiety stood before her.
Covering the green sea color within them, her eyelids folded shut. Her arms lay lifeless at her side, swaying ever so gently with aide from the wind. No more worries. She took the last step.
Her feet landed solely on the rushing air beneath her. There was only forty feet between the wooden planks and the oceans big blue arms. Her breath sucked in.
Awaiting the splash that never came, the tips of her toes barely entered into the water when her back arched. Her arms stretched out on both sides. A soft ripping sound filled the three second silence, along with a gentle sigh. She flew across the water and deep into the heart of the night.


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